Our Range of Facials

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Aromatherapy Facial

Using skincare products specifically designed for your skin’s needs this will leaving your skin feeling refreshed, relaxed and revived.

Cold Stone Facial

Specially created to comfort sensitive, dry, delicate skin the products used are tailored to hydrate and nourish.  Combined with a cold stone facial massage your skin will be nourished and restored.

Himalayan Crystal Facial

A therapeutic facial using Himalayan crystals combined with a world-class skincare range for the ultimate in luxury facial therapy.

Hot Stone Facial

A revitalising facial using natural ingredients you’ll feel a renewed strength and subtle softness to your skin.  Combined with a hot stone facial massage your skin will relish in renewed vibrance.

Male Facial

The modern man doesn’t need to adopt a complex regime to achieve better looking skin.  His skin will be relaxed, toned and healthy looking as a result of this treatment.


Our Range of MassagesCorporate oval 300px purple

Aromatherapy Massage

Everyday stresses and strains simply disappear with this heavenly massage to relax, detoxify and stimulate.  The incredibly soothing sensation of aromatherapy oils expertly blended melt away tension and ease stress for renewed energy and velvety skin.

Bamboo Massage

This unique treatment incorporates bamboo canes of various sizes to knead and roll out the knots and relax tense muscles.  The canes become extensions of the hands allowing deep and penetrating strokes leaving you feeling toned, relaxed and balanced.

Deep Tissue Massage

This type of massage uses firm pressure and slow strokes to reach deeper layers of muscle and fascia (the connective tissue surrounding the muscles) and is particularly effective for chronic aches and pains.

Hot Stone MassageHot stones oval 300px purple

The ultimate body treatment to release tension and stimulate energy points with smooth warm stones.  Each area of the body is massaged to leave the skin nourished and radiant.  Your whole body will be simultaneously tingling with energy and profoundly relaxed.

Indian Head Massage

An energetic, stress-busting therapy which works on the muscular tissue of the neck, shoulders, scalp and face to alleviate headaches, strain and tension.

Pregnancy Massage

A deeply relaxing and restorative treatment tailored entirely to your needs and your stage in pregnancy.  It can assist in the dramatic body changes experienced and relieve many associated ailments.

Remedial Massage

Involves working the soft tissue of the body, eases day to day stresses and muscular tension in addition to promoting relaxation.  This type of massage increases delivery of blood and oxygen to the treated areas and can be used in support of other therapies to assist in the rehabilitation of muscular injuries.

Seated Acupressure Massage

Using a specially designed chair this is a rejuvenating massage of the back, neck, shoulders, arms and scalp whilst fully clothed with no oils used.  Great for the workplace, helps reduce tension and induces relaxation whilst relieving anxiety and stress.

Sports Massage

This is the management, manipulation and rehabilitation of soft tissue of the body including muscles, tendons and ligaments.  Despite its title, Sports Massage is not just for those undertaking exercise and athletic performance but also everyday aches and pains that anyone can develop.  The therapy can be applied to the body as a whole or more commonly focuses on a specific area.

Swedish Massage

 This is the most common type of massage and involves long, kneading strokes as well as light, rhythmic, tapping strokes on the topmost layers of the muscles relieving tension, inducing relaxation and very energizing.Swedish massage oval 300px purple

Thai Compress Massage

 An extremely luxurious treatment using deep massage with steamed, heated compresses full of herbs.  It’s the ultimate in detoxing and de-stressing.  Feel the relief as the tension is massaged from the muscles and joints making you feel refreshed and relaxed.


Our Range of Specialist Treatments:-

Hopi Ear Candling

A beneficial holistic treatment which cleanses the ears and helps remove a build-up of ear wax.  It assists in alleviating migraines, sinus problems, stress, poor sleep patterns and often complements other treatments such as massage.

Paraffin Wax Therapy

A luxurious treatment intended to moisture and nourish the skin whilst providing therapeutic and healing heat to sore and aching joints particularly beneficial to sufferers of arthritic and rheumatic pain.


An ancient healing therapy that is as blissful as it is beneficial which works on the principle that all body organs are connected to reflex points in the feet via constantly flowing energy channels.  Massaging the key reflex points restores natural balance and improves overall health by sending waves of deep relaxation throughout the body.


Our Popular Packages:-Aromatherapy oval 300px purple


Enjoy a thirty minute treatment which includes cleansing and exfoliation of the lower legs and feet polishing the skin followed by a rejuvenating lower leg massage with essential oils which will leave them feeling conditioned and refreshed.

Signature Special

Unwind with a one hour treatment commencing with a relaxing back, neck and shoulder massage followed by a luxury facial using products tailored to your individual needs.

Top to Toe Tranquility

A two hour truly divine and wonderful experience starting with a relaxing full body massage followed by a refreshing Indian head massage and finishing off with sumptuous reflexology for your feet.


Pamper PartiesPamper party oval 300 purple

Enjoy a wide range of holistic treatments in the comfort of your own home, holiday let or hotel. We come to you. Pamper parties are perfect for hen parties, birthday parties, a pre-wedding treat or simply to enjoy a relaxing night in with the girls.

Our treatment timings are pure treatment times. All consultations are held before treatment times begin for uninterrupted relaxation. Treat the Bride or birthday girl/boy or selected person to a free extra treatment! (included in all bookings of 8+people). For pamper parties we will arrive with everything needed for your party treatments. Especially for pamper parties you will have pre-arranged with us who is having which treatment but if things do not go to schedule, don’t worry. It is advisable to ask your guests to arrive at the start of your party. Each pamper party is different – you may want to set a quiet and indulgent tone or encourage bubbly fun and energetic atmosphere. Whatever it is that you are looking for just let us know. We will arrive about 20 minutes in advance to set up and talk through the arrangements and spa treatments with you. We bring all of the products as well as the towels and equipment for the pamper party. Please feel free to contact us discuss your requirements – each party is individually tailored to your needs.


Corporate Holistic TherapyAcupressure oval 300px purple

Stress is a common factor of modern life and is something that everyone experiences. Many medical conditions are stress-related and result in a high percentage of absenteeism in the workplace, which in turn costs employers a considerable amount of money. More importance is now being placed on being able to handle stress in order to improve health. The introduction of holistic therapies into the workplace is an ideal way of managing stress levels effectively, creating a happier workforce and increasing productivity.

A private area of the workplace is assigned for the treatment, which is performed on a portable treatment chair. Onsite acupressure seated massage or reflexology both have the advantage that the client does not have to undress and remain fully clothed throughout the treatment.

Would you like to …

  • Increase productivity ?
  • Reduce absenteeism in the workplace due to stress-related illnesses ?
  • Boost staff morale ?
  • Create a happier working environment ?

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your organisation’s requirements.